Friday, May 29, 2020 - Success

Here in Ontario, we've started Phase 1 of reopening, as the COVID-19 pandemic loosens its hold on our area of Canada, at least for the time being.

I've been quietly thinking, observing.

Today, I've been thinking a lot about the measure of success. Will this finally change? I mean what is success to you? Is it a high powered job? Is it a level of authority in a company? Is it a certain degree of comfort when it comes to material possessions? Is it making your children's life better than your own? Is it meaningful work? Is it being respected in your field? Is it making enough money to pay the bills, with a little left over?

Is success dictated to us by others? Are we seduced into thinking success is measured in the eyes of OTHERS; how we are viewed by our peers, friends, family? Do we even know what 'successful' looks like for us? Are we even aware of what fulfills us?

What if your view of success doesn't fit society's current framework? What if YOU think you're successful, but no one else views it that way?

What if success is getting a chip for 30 days sober, but having no one to share it with during quarantine?

What if success is landing a job to feed your family, but it's putting your own life in jeopardy?

What if success is living your life as your true self and telling your family that truth, but you're not able to get a hug of acceptance?

What if success is standing up for yourself against a bully, on a Zoom call?

What if success is ringing the bell for your last chemo treatment, but there's no one in the waiting room to cheer?

What if success is getting out of bed today and putting on clothes, but the only one that knows is you?

I think we've spent too much time pursuing vacuous accomplishments but I have always felt that way. I always think society's view of success comes at a cost.

And sometimes it's your soul.

Make your soul sing. Make it sing for you, and no one else.

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