Friday, May 8, 2020 - Reopening

Our office is making plans to go back to work soon and frankly, I'm a bit scared.

Having an autoimmune disease and high blood pressure, I have concerns.

Don't get me wrong, I know all the rules will be followed and we'll all do everything in our power to ensure everyone's safety, but this is a scary time.

If a mask and gloves don't necessarily protect health care workers, how do I expect them to protect me?

And to be honest, we've been working remotely, and I'm not sure I want to go back. There are distinct pluses about working from home.

But I miss being around people.

There's so much speculation about what our future will look like.

Many of us hope we will see a 'new normal', some say that it's inevitable. We simply cannot go back to the way things were.

It's incredible to me that our political parties here in Canada, worked swiftly and together, to help the people across the country and in our own province. There is so much benefit to this, not just in a time of extreme crisis. But will it continue? We're already seeing people drift back into partisanship. Too bad.

So many people have actually enjoyed being able to spend so much time, and within such close quarters, with their families. Many of us have gone back to baking at home, making good meals and soaking in fresh air.

Many people have died. Our health care workers are stretched from taking care of those suffering with COVID-19. The things they have seen must rival a war zone. Long term care facilities have seen the coronavirus swiftly sweep through their residents and employees. I can't imagine how much stress those that care for our sick are under.

What will gathering together look like in the future? Even the near future? What will be people's appetite to gather in large groups anymore; something like a conference or a big sporting event? Will the future be virtual? What kinds of safeguards will need to be in place and will perhaps become part of our every day life? I think this will depend on whether or not a vaccine is developed and how soon.

And even though we're not even coming down the other side of the 'curve', could this happen again? Will this teach us anything? Will we be better prepared?

I have certainly learned a lot about myself and the way I move through the world. I want to do and be better.

I'm just grateful I have the chance.