Monday, March 23, 2020 Ontario closes non-essential businesses

Things have been moving fast during this COVID-19 pandemic. Living in Canada, the Prime Minister’s daily addresses have been increasingly stern. The message is clear, Canadians need to stay at home, inside, unless absolutely necessary. Today, the Premier of Ontario announced all non-essential businesses must close their doors.

This past weekend, my hubby, Dan and I, got really scared. Watching the number of cases increase, listening to the media reports, reading the predictions about how many may die and what needs to happen in order for this pandemic to slow down; it all started to get the best of us.

I am mostly scared because Dan works for an ‘essential service’ and has to go to work daily. I am diligent about asking him to hand wash, change his clothes when he gets home and I wash his clothes frequently. Will we get it? Will any of our friends, neighbours or family get it?

We FaceTimed with my brother in England on the weekend and he said they are experiencing food shortages there. We have enough food for the two of us but it was then that it dawned on me that we were starting to run out of food for our beloved 13-year-old dog (a Wheaton/poodle cross), Lola. I started calling around and I secured some wet food today and ordered some dry food online (not sure when the dry food might arrive).

Last week, I got worried about the thyroid medication that I have been taking for over 20 years. How long before I could get more? I had about a week’s worth of medicine but just needed to renew my prescription. I called my local Shoppers Drug Mart (in our small town) and they called the branch that had my script (one that is open 24 hours for convenience). Once my prescription was filled at the branch close to home, they called and said they’d deliver free and oh, did I want any staples to be added to my order? I got some milk and a few odds and ends we needed and paid over the phone via credit card. The delivery person explained that she would knock on the door, walk to her car, and she had to physically see me pick up the order, so she could leave. I put a $10 tip on my order.

It’s a normal we have to get used to, at least for awhile. It could be a couple of months.

I may have to give Lola a haircut myself, likely more like a trim, just so we can see her eyes. As for we humans, I can wear a ponytail until I can get a haircut and Dan can wear a hat.

We are resilient people and I have always been a positive person; I have always had hope.

And there are lots of hopeful people out here. Despite being very aware of the stark reality, I feel like there is a deep, meaningful purpose for what’s happening. No idea what it is.

Now that businesses are mandated to close unless deemed essential services, I’m waiting to hear if that means the place I work. The agency I work with supports rural business centres across the province; offices that support small and medium sized businesses. I will likely find out tomorrow.

In the meantime, I am filling up my hope bank with positive messages and activities. I got up a little earlier than usual this morning, got on the treadmill and listened to Brene Brown’s new podcast. Then I had a delicious breakfast, savoured my coffee and meditated with Deepak Chopra and Oprah Winfrey, with their free 21-day Meditation Experience. Last night I started watching Oprah’s COVID19 Talks.

I can’t tell you how nice it is to wear comfortable clothes to work in. I can’t tell you how nice it is not to wear a bra! I can’t tell you how nice it is to look out my glass deck door and see turkeys and wildlife while I do work. I can’t tell you how well I have eaten! And how healthy I feel! It has been so relaxing to be at home.

I have seen the character of others, and how they react during crisis. I have exhibited deep forgiveness and understanding, without regret. My enthusiasm for life and humanity is unwavering.

I am scared. But I am also hopeful. And those two things can coexist. They have to.

Meantime, let's dance together!

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