Tuesday, July 28, 2020 - Drink as you pour

Drink as you pour

Why do we blame people for being who they think they're supposed to be?

And all the while, struggling to be who we think we're supposed to be?

It's a ruse.

I’m not here to hurt you; criticize you,

I feel the emotional labour you carry,

May I become the medicine?

May my thoughts and actions become my own medicine?

I’m not here to take anything from you,

Let’s just be together,

How do we just... be?

The big question is, what are you unwilling to feel?

Allow the fear space,

It's a human experience,

Feed space to the fear

Fall into the space of help and health

It's a transformation into fluidity,

Innovation with space, wisdom and clarity.

Trust your belonging,

Learn how to be with and to trust yourself,

Everyone is just trying to do their best,

Many don’t have spaces to be vulnerable and open.

Compassion practise is about boundaries,

There are wounds around trust,

Sometimes it’s a retraining,

Tending to yourself.

You have needs that deserve to be met.

Drink from the vessel, as much as you pour.