Tuesday, September 15, 2020 - Remembering to Live

Today is a special day.

Today is the launch of a new national platform, The Great Canadian Womxn Community and the podcast that Leah Hunt and I started, Kitchen Confessionals, has been selected to be part of it.

We both submitted blog posts to be part of the platform too and we both got letters telling us we've been accepted. That was icing on the cake for me!

We are both very excited about it all!

Today is also a memoriam of a life no longer. My younger brother Jason, died four years ago today.

What I’ve been thinking over and over is that Jason was an amazing cheerleader. Through good times and bad, Jason always had an encouraging word. He would laugh and joke and share he and his wife Jennifer's next big adventures with us.

Jason lived his life knocking goals and bucket list items off his list. He took risks, he pushed himself and he never let anyone tell him he couldn’t do something. He also fought for the rights of others as a self advocate and he made history as the first person with a disability to be elected as the president of a federated agency.

I knew that Jason was known in his community of Campbellford, Ontario but to say I was shocked by the folks that came to his wake would be an understatement. It seemed like the whole town had a story about Jason; about his humour, his love of the Leafs and the Bluejays, his love of animals, his helpfulness and kindness and his thorough knowledge of how to fix anything at the Campbellford Office Supply Store where he worked.

The mayor came, the firefighters came, city councillors, neighbours, customers and his entire baseball league showed up in their jerseys. Jason Rae was a leader; an inspiration and he had a lasting impact on his community. He lived and he experienced life. And he left a mark on the people he met and cared for.

A leadership award was actually created in Jason's name.

What I know for sure is, Jason would want those of us still here to live a full life; to follow our dreams, however wild, and he'd want us to leave the world just a little bit better than when we arrived.

Jason lives through us. He would say that your worth is not tied up in a job; your success is not measured in a salary; you've been given your own gifts to share; get sharing them and let nothing stand in your way!

Living is how I can memorialize my awesome brother; living life well and leaving the world a better place in the process.

I can do that.